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What is the remaining cloth?
When knitting dough, when sewing, it comes out in the production process
I say the rest of the dough.
Normally, it will be discarded without being circulated, but it is the remaining cloth that can be used with no problems in the quality of the fabric itself, just by being half-ended.

Japan's clothing items are consumed by 1.1 million tons of product annually, and about 940,000 tons are thrown away. It is 140 thousand tons reused as old clothes, 100 thousand tons for industrial use and raw materials, 700 thousand tons in garbage.
Converting this to the number of pieces, 2.3 billion pieces of clothing are incinerated.

Reuse and recycling rate of clothing is 20% or less.
Germany is 70%. It is understood that it is a low numerical value internationally.

There are currently few methods for throwing away clothes in a short time and reusing them.

From the ethical point of view of such problems
Just by slightly changing the point of view, both the production side and the use side can be convinced.
With the cooperation of each factory, we gathered the remaining fabrics and adjusted sewing every time
In this way we have reached the completion of "Zan: p PACK-T".

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