ARMI SMART Heavyweight tee


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The Item is use the W face fabric with wool on the side that touches the skin directly and Egyptian cotton on the side the front. We are maiking from spinning at a factory in the production area of wool "Bishu".
Merino wool with natural functionality "Summer is cool, winter warm.”Temperature control /Humidity control/Deodorizing function/UV cut etc ...It exerts various excellent effects.
A "Smart" crew neck T-shirt with beauty and comfort.

ut-and-sew and put it up. A casual silhouette unhurried in a neck and a straight circle trunk body clogged up. I prepare in abundant size development from unisex to Boys.

S/3: 72cm 52cm 47cm
M/4: 74cm 54.5cm 48cm
L/5: 77cm 56.5cm 49 cm