Lady White Co.

Founded in 2015, Lady White Co. initially focused solely on jersey T-shirts, particularly – white. Now expanding into varying levels of sportswear items, we continue to combine the best made jersey and fleece with less conventional layering options. This is our most honest view of USA sportswear. A deliberate intention to make useful items that get the utmost wear. Made with custom fabrics knit in Los Angeles, garments have a sense of old and new, offering domestic production down to the cotton.

  • If you order of HK$800 or more will be shipped free of charge.
  • We need to ensure that all quantities are in stock. If an item(s) is not in stock, we'll proceed the refund as soon as possible.
  • MADE IN Los Angeles.

售價 $1,258.00 定價 $1,480.00 銷售額
售價 $1,513.00 定價 $1,780.00 銷售額
定價 $780.00
售價 $400.00 定價 $440.00 銷售額
售價 $612.00 定價 $680.00 銷售額
售價 $1,242.00 定價 $1,380.00 銷售額
售價 $1,584.00 定價 $1,980.00 銷售額
售價 $1,080.00 定價 $1,200.00 銷售額
促銷中,$1,062.00 起 定價 $1,180.00 銷售額
售價 $468.00 定價 $520.00 銷售額
售價 $390.00 定價 $440.00 銷售額
售價 $520.00 定價 $600.00 銷售額