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What is the remaining cloth?
When knitting dough, when sewing, it comes out in the production process
I say the rest of the dough.
Normally, it will be discarded without being circulated, but it is the remaining cloth that can be used with no problems in the quality of the fabric itself, just by being half-ended.

  1. Moderate weight fabric: Premium T-shirts narrowed down to 40/2 and 20/1 fabric among the remaining cloth. It has a moderate weight and texture that is easy to wear.
  2. Relaxing oversized feel: A relaxed silhouette with a lot of room in the body and dropped shoulders for a relaxed feel. It features a half-sleeve with a longer length that can be worn seasonless.
  3. Quality made in Japan: The factories in Japan are also cooperating to produce the remaining cloth T-shirts. From fabric management to pattern making, cutting, and sewing, they are made with JAPAN quality. The T-shirt is delivered at an affordable price so that many people can easily access it as it is a part of the upcycling initiative.
  4. NO! PLASTICS: Plastics are a man-made compound that cannot be decomposed by microorganisms in the natural environment unless humans dispose of them through incineration. If not, they remain in the environment, causing microplastic pollution and marine pollution. The packaging for the remaining cloth T-shirts also uses paper labels to minimize the environmental impact. The packaging allows customers to see and feel the individuality of each fabric, making it a unique and enjoyable experience.

M/4: 70cm 62cm 60cm 24cm
L/5: 73cm 65cm 62cm 25cm


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