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Merz b Schwanen

Merz b 1920s 1/4 Sleeve Light Weight Tee

Merz b 1920s 1/4 Sleeve Light Weight Tee

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  • Made in 1920, this shirt still is very much in style due to its timeless design. The remarkable neckline is a real eye-catcher even today. Who knows if men in the 20s knew about the very cool look of their T-shirts?
  • For over a hundred years, the material blend used for this shirt was a popular substitute for the expensive Maco-cotton from Egypt. Even today, the comfortable haptics can hold its own – this shirt may be a revision, but isn’t it an original piece nonetheless?
-67% cotton / 33% viscose.
-1-ply, 130 gram, Made on original circular knitting machines.
-Natural lightweight material for the best skin feel.
-Soft and pleasant structure.

-Slim, but still comfortable cut.
-Authentic yet modern design with wide neckline.
-Straight hem.
-Maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side seams. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash.

-Remarkable, puristic neckline design.
-Maximum comfort: triangular patch under the arms.
-Open sleeves.
-Gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives.
-Eco friendly: no industrial prewash.
-Completely made in Germany.

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