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Sunray Haleiwa S/S Tee

Sunray Haleiwa S/S Tee

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All Sunray T Shirts are Made in Japan. Japanese apparel production is
probably the best in the world.
 This machine can only produce 1m of jersey per hour.

The unrushed knitting rate and the meticulous process turning the jersey
into a T Shirt results in every Sunray T Shirt taking over 1.5 hours to make.

-Sunray uses heavyweight jersey of which there are 2 weights. Either a
300gm or a 260gm (most brands use around 180gm or lower). We use
these weights to ensure the T Shirts last a long time and offers real value
for money.
-Choosen a low yarn count. Either a 14 yarn or an 18 yarn. (most
brands will use high 20 or low 30 yarn count). A low yarn count offers that
sumptuous and luxurious softness.

-It is extremely difficult to produce high quality heavyweight jersey and in a
low yarn count, which is why it most brands don’t bother as they do not
have the suppliers who can produce that level of quality.
-The fabric weights, the low yarn count and being produced on antique
circular knitting machines ensures Sunray has unique set of desirable

- Both Sunray T Shirt blocks have very traditional fits. Squarer, boxier and
slightly shorter than a fashion fit. There is a reason why, which I’ll explain
- The neck shape and fit are also traditional. The rib construction and fabric
are also traditional. Sunray has design protection on the neck detail on the
Makaha T Shirt.
- The sleeve shape and its angles when worn, offer that feeling of how a T
Shirt looked in the 50’s when a plain T Shirt was the epitome of style.

S: 41cm 63.5cm 49cm
M: 47cm 68cm 55cm
L: 48.5cm 69cm 56cm
XL: 49cm 71cm 58cm


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