We all live day to day consuming.
So by whom, where, and how are these things made?

Behind the scenes of these products are various people, processes, and its influence towards society and the environment.
It is important for us to understand the context of the things we consume.
Understanding this, consumption becomes mental satisfaction and in the end can change the world.
Wanting to be a part of the impetus behind this change, we started this brand.

Identi-T brings to fruition a harmony between the maker, the buyer, and the environment.
The buyer and seller are both satisfied and can contribute to society.
This circulation helps to form an even better society.

We put thought into our timeless high-quality t-shirts so that they may have the power to make the wearer's life one of abundance.

This is what we aim to achieve with our ultimate everyday wear.

  • If you order HK$800 or more will be shipped free of charge.
  • We need to ensure that all quantities are in stock. If an item(s) is not in stock, we'll proceed the refund as soon as possible.
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